Captivating Crete - shrouded in mythology, blessed by natural beauty and brimming with culture! From sun-kissed beaches to majestic snow capped mountains; vibrant nightlife to fascinating archaeological sites – Crete has it all.  Beaches, shopping, museums, cultural events, hiking in the dramatic gorges, caving, sailing, winery tours, and so much more! 

Relax in harbor-front cafes in Chania and Rethymnon or explore tiny traditional mountain villages.  Enjoy exquisite meals at a table set on the edge of the sea as the sun dips below the horizon or take advantage of the many local markets to bring the bounty of Cretan farms home to Villa Calista to create your own feast. 

Blessed by endless days of sunshine, bounteous harvests, and a full calendar of social and cultural events, Crete has much to offer travelers year round.  Best of all – the Cretan people, fiercely proud of their fascinating history, maintain their culture and traditions of friendly hospitality.

Truly a crossroads in history and geography, Crete is situated between the Aegean and Libyan Seas and has been a strategically important land base squabbled over for millennia, with each invader leaving their mark on the culture and history of the island.  Today, you will see traces of the ancient Minoans and Romans in archaeological sites and ruins, as well as strong reminders of the Venetian, Turkish, and Ottoman occupations in the beautiful art and architecture of the island.  Crete saw heavy fighting in WWII and poignant memorials to both sides dot the island.

Crete stretches approximately 260 kms long and 55 kms wide at its widest point and is transected by dramatic mountain ranges, slashed by deep gorges and fertile plains.  With 1000 kms of coastline, Crete is famous for its spectacular beaches and secluded coves.  The island is crossed by a main National Road, but is criss-crossed with many lesser roads and trails that lead to fascinating villages, towns, and natural areas worth exploring. It is a paradise for hikers, cyclists, foodies, sailors, and history buffs.

Crete is divided into four prefectures, Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lasithi.  Villa Calista is located in the Chania prefecture in the region called the Apokoronos.

Make Villa Calista your home base for exploring the wonders of this fascinating island. 

Welcome to Crete!

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